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nico is in germany to learn german. published in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to suffer from the w e learning course nicko speak. what's the connection between bread flour and the european union he knows guilt motus correspondent at abbot baker can stretch this second line with the rules set by the new team. cots. swapping recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. .
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in. india the past is still present. here just over fifty years ago a new age dawned. this is the river ganges which rises in the himalayas and flows through northern india. the ganges is worshiped by hindus and many seek spiritual enlightenment on its banks one of the towns on the ganges is rishikesh which was made famous by the beatles. john paul george and ringo of course these four here are not the real beatles. they're a tribute band. the band was invited in twenty eighteen by the minister of tourism to celebrate the anniversary. the real beatles visit to india. the best for you but
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he's right i think it's not even. getting him. back here just a case they said the beatles are bigger than god when everything is gone at least the cast helped them to be god. at the very least their stay impacted the beatles music says john thompson here is george harrison. has had such an amazing effect on the beatles they wrote the whole what out was written. and they created a cult culture music basically which is a comic for the sixty's said it's a mazing to be here because my records that was. here in one nine hundred sixty eight time above the ganges the beatles lived in the ashram of moher regime. known as the father of transcendental meditation. in twenty eighteen the
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currently derelict ashram hosted a temporary exhibition to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the beatles stay in rishikesh the band and their entourage stayed for a few months and then left amid rumors of sexual misconduct on the part of the maharishi. locals had been hired to work in the ashram they had no idea how famous the celebrity guests were. they will buy july and i thought it didn't go by they spent the whole time playing music and packing string instruments. they sang in english so i have no idea what it was sigmund got to they got to they got to got to do it on a lot of them got that. they also meditated i can't remember how exactly but it lasted for hours and hours that it. contained and ana are from hamburg. they're exploring the site. as it can be the civically of
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mannequin i know the beatles from when i was growing up because my parents used to listen to them and we were actually just talking about whether we know and like the white album since it was written here i've listened to it but it's not really my thing is present. these two young women wouldn't say they have much in common with those who come here for enlightenment superstar me a country relate to this i'm here for inspiration and to see a new side of the world which i'm not looking to amiss myself in a different way of life i'm told and i'm under the leaves fall. although that's exactly what these people are here for nearly two thousand participants have come to the international yoga festival most of them are european or american a special yoga session commemorated the fifty year anniversary of the beatles so join india or. hold the festival director is originally from
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california she's lived in rishikesh for two decades and has seen a shift in attitudes toward spirituality over the years. that has spirituality has spread as yoga has spread people have realized are it's not just no to vs but it's yes to this and so where in a hippie movement i think people were moving away from the establishment here people are moving toward something. speakers from all over the world to give talks on meditation. sue reason this is. the miners are originally from germany they moved to receive care as years ago partly inspired by the beatles. then. when i was eighteen years old and living in the small town. i read in the
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paper that the beatles had. a good rule. i couldn't even pronounce his name back then and i thought it was all a bit weird. but i was a beatles fan ago and three years later i am back to my own spiritual quest. these days the miners teach transcendental meditation themselves but they have mixed feelings about spiritual tourism rishikesh has grown dramatically as a result and is now home to some one hundred yoga centers a population of over one hundred thousand and several slums. and this was everything you see here used to be forest and all of it. rishikesh was a spiritual place there were no two wrists and it was very peaceful. now there are all these buildings and the town center is super hectic stats and. here
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meditation also comes packaged as a mass event as a quick fix rather than a spiritual journey for a country and honor from germany where she cashes just one stop on their trip through india and the beatles tribute band will also be moving on after their shows . in the meiers meanwhile will stay put they just hope things will calm down again once the anniversary celebrations are over. in modern india the past is ever present the legacy of the islamic mogul empire for example includes the red ford gingerly along with many other famous landmarks. but some hindu nationalists would rather see the traces of the move was removed from public life and indian history reframed they believe that hindu tradition holds the key to the
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country's progress. seven year old high is proud of her trophy collection she's the best student in her class and also the best athlete. yes i love this one is my favorite i won first place for solving one hundred math problems in six minutes. left. her parents believe there is a secret to their daughter's success. he says it's a side so good job we demanded that we use an alternative therapy when i was pregnant. that's why she's already won twenty prizes she's a straight a student. one of those in the underclass. the family has a hindu shrine at home they pray according to tradition and also returned to hindu
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teachings for their family planning. the parents feel high and for others many awards are due to those traditional you know methods. to go there but. this is where higher as parents want to learn them this is good to run india's western most state. at the end of this lane is a complex where parents to be come for advice and treatment. from is run by a doctor not vonnie. pregnant women here follow a strict schedule encompassing prayer yoga astrology and i are vedic there are. many of them are there women must also abstain from both sex and meet. the. heart of the body of art and i hope you are involved here at. home and are you and over there are powers are believed to be holy animals that
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boost divine energy you are. going to see there are many people in india these days born with inherited conditions or disabilities or. the genetic disorders a past on. but by returning to ancient pregnancy. treatments we can stop this from happening. is mary was sorry and said this is out and. every day here in the street the regimented and the living quarters or more need to push . this woman who's six months pregnant and like the hundreds of couples who have come here she and her husband talk their investment will pay off. that i believe i think i can already feel the effects of the method i have a very strong feeling that my baby is developing well. we want our baby to be healthy and as intelligent as possible so that it will grow
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up to help india become one of the world's leading nations. raising children as an act of patriotism this is dr not ronnie's practice in town couples in treatment here generally believe that excess materialism and an erosion of hindu values are hampering india's development was the toughest you have actually lived but i mean you must not think youth of today are useless forefathers were cut from a very different cloth they have more talent and that's what we do not for the. good doctor has told the couple that next week would be an ideal time to conceive. me here. she told us that's when the alignments of the planets will be most favorable we've already started purifying outlawed bodies and minds well just about the given no. doctor no body advertises or services with pictures of fair skinned babies as
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a light complection corresponds to mainstream is that extended zen fits with hindu nationalist ideals of racial purity doctrine our bonnie thinks nazi germany's family planning system actually grew on indian tradition here. the germans referred to ideas that we have forgotten they developed a system for raising strong children in fact those methods originated in india. dr and our bonnie has ties to the paramilitary far right hindu organization r s s. the parties parades and military maneuvers are reminiscent of fascist rallies during the second world war r.s.s. leaders openly admired mussolini and hitler. is. it good.
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that. these. game indian prime minister narendra modi doesn't go so far as to speak of a master race but next to the ruling party the b j p he's also a member of the r.s.s. and he takes every opportunity to call for a return to his new traditions modi originally comes from couture much like dr now bonnie. she's visiting go to university for a conference on bearing perfect children the organizer is dr nobody's mentor hitesh johnny got ecologist who also has ties to the r s s but we get. it now you're vedic. the science of pregnancy was practiced in ancient india and
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it's thousands of years old unfortunately much of this traditional wisdom has since been forgotten i began teaching these practices ten years ago the point is to eliminate the risk of genetic disease during pregnancy already to ensure they are passed on and the best way to do that is to updated ancient indian practices the result is healthy happy children were protests john a hand doctor now bonnie have high hopes for their form of ira vedic prenatal care in india. was it out we would like to expand into old indian states of the time being we have seven births that we want to ensure women give birth to the best progeny not just in india but all over the world the need to put in the show may say you. know only eight couples can be treated in doctor not vonnie center at the same time. they're encouraged to see themselves as ambassadors of the
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supposedly revolutionary technique and their children too assuming of course they turn out as remarkable as expected. the happy parents could then give their thanks here in this new hindu temple in good you're right. the state's most famous son if not india's most famous son is mahatma gandhi but although he was born to a hindu family gandhi respected all religions. this
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is where the boy who would later be known as the father of the nation went to school. these days gandhi's childhood home is a museum one that aims to promote his message of religious tolerance and nonviolence. gandhi launched the struggle for independence against british imperial rule in and about the capital of good surat and the fifth largest city in india. which the gandhi yosh from is one of the city's main attractions. gandhi lived here in a sort of commune with his followers for twelve years putting his principles into practice . these included not only nonviolence truth celibacy and non possession but also
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domestic production and self-sufficiency. gandhi himself spent many hours a day at a spinning wheel which consequently became a symbol of the indian independence movement. and ended by tender cross garaged almost ninety percent of the population is hindu but there is also a sizeable muslim minority who live mainly in the old town. became india's first unesco world heritage city in two thousand and seventeen. its center is the almost six hundred year old mosque one of the largest on the subcontinent but not everyone in his proud of this muslim heritage religious tensions run high and in two thousand and two muslims were massacred in the riots the official death toll was one thousand but according to unofficial estimates as
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many as two thousand muslims were killed the music video mogul rap asks how it could have come to the riots. of so many. suffering for. the video seeks to be a history lesson and a reminder of the fact that india has always been a country of enormous cultural diversity. and the stories look this is so here we go listen to them look you know you have. a clip champions the idea of india as a melting pot it was made by students at the renowned national institute of design here and about. it is when you see a division on the company they keep it happening but then i say you know what this
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is a more. open mindset that we come here in such an institution but then i would say . that on a lot of problems going in not so we're going to see them but days and understand i'm more interested in the students were surprised when their beauty you know went viral you got more clicks then some big budget bollywood clips started oakwood reaction because at the end of the day the pop music radio rap music radio so it was really really see by all. when we posted it online they were a few friends white concerns regarding the fact somebody like people all of different you know as i'm concerned if in fact in their own image or yeah there were some some haters of course some people go live that no you don't know how to. listen to right you. know. and the source with this
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cast we can bring the emphasis so we listen to pipe. bomb. and the beauty of. it was the. loves the project was originally conceived by two of the institute's professors who were concerned about the rising into religious tension they were saying. i could have they not all reactions have been positive. we got a lot of hate mail which was unpredictable lames which is about you know there's a word it. means the nonbeliever in islam so we were by the presumably by hindu. means and also. stockholm syndrome timms and all that but to be that also. it will get worse before it gets better. which means that in the shutdown there might be more
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problems but in the long term india is going to be alive kicking and is going to be a beautiful place. in our differences so here we go listen to the group go right into religious conflict is not the only challenge for indian society the country is also grappling with gender inequality. and. is in her early twenty's and the mother of two children six years ago she was forced into an arranged marriage she suffered cruelty and abuse at the hands of her husband her family wouldn't help her so she turned to a women's health center for support. the. come back i'll give you a miss or do you think it's over that he would wake me up at night and force me to have sex even when i was sick if i refused he'd hit me. there were days when i was in so much pain i couldn't sit down or move properly and.
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suresh is sixty years old her ordeal ended twenty years ago but it's only down because she's speaking out despite the anger from her family directed at her for breast marching their honor suresh was married to a man she has since divorced who cheated on her with her own daughter in. law you have. what you got because he kept on having sex with me despite my objections and he would get drunk beat me write me again and again i ended up running away. also women's rights activist a child only hard daryn courage is victims of domestic and sexual violence to come forward and help them find work and a place to live however she can help them take legal action because in india marital rape is not a criminal offense. it was easy the basic problem is patriarchal tradition
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a woman is considered the property of her father until she gets married and then she is the property of her husband she is not free to make her own decisions she has to be a b. d. and or she'll be beaten. and. indian patriarchy is the subject of the film lipstick under my burka a tale of female desire and oppression. initially it was banned by india's censor board because it hit too close to home says the film's director. but i do feel that both of those the high level of. abuse. we've been we've been mad at you we've been edition chips on the what if any we've been oh my goodness it becomes very difficult because you're always toward the well get out so this may change in future in september twenty eighth seen the indian supreme court decriminalized adultery which some song is
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a step towards criminalizing marital rape but the right wing government doesn't want to see new legislation introduced nor do many men. this is a self-help group for men who feel they've been falsely accused of abuse by their wives are going to talk don't seem don't. welcome the sort of that's what's good at the business you know the. other. one of them explains that his wife lied about him to the police because he'd asked her for a divorce. if the police yelled at me. especially the women. but they threatened to hang me by my feet and to torture me if i went ahead with the divorce. that already or laws under which a white can seek protection from a husband who's doing. six unfortunately there is no such protection for men so
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matter. is there. this university in delhi is said to be progressive some students here think it's high time marital rape is criminalized but there are others who think a new law would end up misused to have seen many cases registered bedroom in have utilized the rights of these dow does annoy him then they get their way and misuse been physical intimidation something which is very close to a couple i mean it's if. i was. the only one. is hiding. women's rights activists tried to out of here and some of her colleagues went to the indian supreme court for a hearing on the issue slated. for. the hearing was postponed. he said this was not necessarily a bad thing is it only lets me but. we have to be patient it will
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take time for society to change first of all we need to put an end to the idea that women are men's property not even the law will make that change. for now marital rape remains non criminalized in india still several activists lawyers and even victims of marital rape feel confident that time is on their side . four hundred kilometers south of delhi these women are also looking to take their destinies into their own hands they've come from all over the world to attend the barefoot college in the state of brown just as. many of the students in this class are from africa. most cannot afford electricity or live in homes that are not connected to a power grid. yeah a week there they are at the barefoot college these women spend six months
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learning useful repair skills and how to set up solar systems in their villages back all. the time learning about electricity when i came here there was no electricity at home they're just installing it now after this course my neighbor and i will be able to have electricity in our homes to say that a pop up would be too far i have been learning there lit the fuse. screwed a verse by nurse this is that they're going to feed me keep elenita i know you just. next door is a class full of women from rural parts of india. knobs on is from the mountainous region of la dock the dock has plenty of sunshine but little electricity. that is small. enough. that it. would be closed
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and that is so that she would be educating women is a priority as bhagwat not done coordinator of the college's solar division explains . he was so good. at first we also taught men. but then we saw that they didn't pass on what they learned as much. men also sometimes switched jobs or move away from their villages women are more low. harrison i guess they also have few alternatives more than ten thousand women have gained qualifications at the barefoot college entirely free of charge the tuition costs are covered with donations perhaps surprisingly the best students are not the youngest movie grandmothers grandmothers definitely they have fewer family commitments and lots of time. so you know what we give them a task and they take that task and what they've learned back to their villages.
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through villages that look similar to this one which is only a few kilometers from the school. there's no power line far and wide but there's munna minor graduated from the barefoot college two years ago she's on her way to a client who has a solar power system that keeps breaking down and mine is going to help her fix it . the numbers keep flickering on enough that there's something wrong but i don't know what the problem is. minor sets to work. she examines the solar powered device and traces the problem to the storage unit. was a classic i want to get out of socket of them or build the side of the thirty seven a bit a few twists of the screwdriver and the light goes back on. how do you put it is there a forty five homes in this village and i've installed solar power systems in twenty
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three of them now there are only sometimes problems with the storage units but i'm here to help fix those with michigan am with a bad name and. thanks to solar power people in this village now have light after sunset. these are the rules shot in the. back at barefoot college another part of the syllabus promotes cultural understanding of these women from africa giving a concert. there that the women from the dock also perform traditional songs from their region because students leave the school with valuable skills. you know plus . i'm very proud that i can now install solar power systems. and i hope my country ivory coast will be proud of me too. ever the so let. you have this. like so loaded fish i mean
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the barefoot college teaches women to be solar power mechanics and in the process gives them self confidence and self respect. i am. going to look. at this school in bihar in northern india students about to sit exams are being first virtue she says cheating has been a chronic problem here and state authorities have been clamping down on. the students even after take off their shoes. anyone found to be cheating faces stiff penalties. but. if it's like. it's become so hard to cheat. failed math. for you but i think it's unfair
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they don't teach us properly and then they tighten the rooms and we have to pay the price. when then if you study at home you should be able to do well. nonsense which people can afford except you wish and we poor people suffer. the clampdown is partly a reaction to these pictures relatives and friends were filmed climbing a high school's walls to help students inside sitting an exam. that's when. i was on the fourth floor sitting in the front row it was chaos i couldn't concentrate the teachers had completely lost control and the people outside were yelling the names of the students they were trying to pass cheat sheets to through the window. they were copping from change sheets and then throwing them out of the window. neighbors living next to the school witnessed the chaos the school facade has since been renovated to keep people from climbing the walls.
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it was always the same one exam days the police would come and try to stop people from climbing up. they talk back and even throw stones at the police though they'd eventually back down. sheeting is not restricted to be harmed in india doing well in exams is crucial to getting ahead and shooting scams have been reported frequently on television the student supposedly ace to music exam. was. after he sent someone to set the test in his place for a common trick which ended badly for this young woman. cns have become supposedly outperformed all her classmates in a political science exam when a reporter asked her what political science is about g.m. . more cooking and stuff. which the major had to retake the exam and failed
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spectacularly her reputation and future were in shatters but many in india are prepared to risk everything to improve their job prospects. back in hot beyond the exams are finished the students are all cheering and all promise that they didn't cheat. this young lady doesn't need to swindle her way to success do pretty carr is a teenage math genius who rose to fame as calculator girl in twenty fifteen when she was only fourteen she can do complicated sums in record time. fifty. fifty. i didn't i have to to make iraq but i can at a very quickly like. this one computer showed me a thousand numbers as each one would blink once and there were four numbers per
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second i managed to add all of those and give the total of that. to preach mathematical abilities are extraordinary. in twenty seventeen she broke thirteen records including two world records. that was this week her father couldn't be prouder. of what's got to get the no one paid any attention to have talent so we decided there was no other choice but to start setting new records and we spent eight years training towards that goal. about it but if your passion but they can be flawed looking. or they trained not at a computer but using a technique called mental abacus during which users visualize or not because to do calculations like the job for his father is a math teacher and self and trains with his daughter every day is often asked where is daughter's talent comes from for thirty years. i think but why would i think
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there is no doubt of that give me a headache she's gifted and she has stamina a lot of young people today are too easily distracted and can't concentrate for long. but deal preet she has the necessary patience. it's just the thing it's really good luck that i think i'm. ration for my classmates some of them have become to emulate me i think i've become a sort of role model there. such as the students who come during school holidays for math deletion at his private institute founded by ideal priests father. good to them vicious parents who've heard of her success send their children to the school hoping to boost their kids academic performance. will be due to human blood but if i wish i could do math calculations the way she
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can i'm a big fan of hers. she's even helped me sometimes. living with it if i think about how bad a big of it with the children often come up to me and asked me if i have any tips to give them or if i get special training but i don't mean i just train very hot it would help them but training can. be a preacher has become a household name in her hometown of contour in northern india deliberates mother is also a teacher and describes herself as her daughter's best friend. and me. it's funny to have a celebrity in the family. it's certainly not what we expected but now that it's happened we're just so proud of what was going on with your will had the bell feel . the family is discussing which record deal preacher tackle next and they're
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starting to wonder if she's the only genius in the family. i think our son could also be a genius we would definitely give him the same support we give deal pretty. good. deal to is my role model and i'd love to be just like her. for his brother prefers practicing math with his sister rather than with his father but she may not be at home much longer do upgrade is planning to go to university to study computer science once she leaves school. kundra oh in madhya pradesh central india is a popular tourist attraction known for its complex of historical temples built by the chandelle a dynasty more than a thousand years ago. the site is famous for its numerous erotic carvings our
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guide gives us some more detail. of the cultural who temples appeal both locals and international tourists the sculptures depict four aspects of life the divine the commercial the romantic and the ascetic when the temples were built at the time of crisis birth rates were declining because people were having less sex because priests were so conservative. the temple sculptures were designed to show the full scale of human experience they don't only depict sex as many visitors here expect but. some don't dare bring their children and leave them at the hotel. then we explain that the carvings don't only show the kama sutra so they go back and return with the whole family and have a nice day out. oh well i strongly believe that the erotic or the sensual is
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very much a part of our human existence or rather than thinking off the erotic as a subject of taboo or as something that should not be spoken about openly these temples out of poof of you know how broad minded how open how secure society was in the past well i think as a society we are becoming more aggressive rather than being progressive and. as i said the temples are a wonderful proof of how sexuality sensuality in autism was something that was open to all it was there for everyone to see it was something that was openly discussed unlike today when we feel shy and we can all feel. to dish about stalking off matters of the body and of sex and of of the law to. in addition to all examples conjure also hosts an annual dance festival.
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as a whole dance festival is. india's most buzzed but haps india's most prestigious classical. festival. of mice in the backdrop of cars row and of the world are known at this site. after the sun goes down dozens of ensembles perform classical dance from india's various regions. it's an artist's dream to come and perform at home because this is probably what is one of the best. in terms of monumental terms of archeological temple architecture this is something that all of us want to see and does this has how wasn't and thousand years and it dates in terms of art.
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and it's a very complex composition because it has a lot of freedom of element and it has been out which is kind as a facial expression and most importantly you need to feel it from within to be able to communicate to the audience. is telling the art shiva. she was up at the start up on the shoot out from i mean i don't and she says why can't you have some compassion towards me i have been waiting for you and your dad to show compassion to the whole boy. the annual festival is free of charge but unfortunately it doesn't draw huge crowds as special as it is because a row doesn't draw nearly as many tourists as the taj mahal though that could soon start to change both domestic and international tourism in india are booming as the
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country navigates its way between the past and the future. ah. does. appreciate. trying it out. his entire. loving attention. and he plays music for it as well so can you taste the difference was the idea a cheesy. ninety minutes.
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though says heat in ruins. a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . last play as fighters occupied the city center seventeen president detergents response was told. by different. clubs of the from the reconquest turned into tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did not become a gateway to islamist terror. until now the syrian army most of it has the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the us starts april eleventh on t.w. . but.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin crossing the political divide to prevent a no deal britain's prime minister reaching out to opposition leader jeremy corbett to seek a common approach with time running out meanwhile the german chancellor heads to higher land which could be hard hit by bracks a trade chaos will have someone else.


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